From fast growing to Fortune 500, a unique IT equipment lease tailored for all

Because of our unique approach to every customer, we make deals others simply can't… or won't.

Understanding your Business needs

With over Fifty years in the IT industry, we know and understand your business and the IT hardware required to make it all happen.

Large lease line availability

We can accommodate up to $30 million in lease financing

An International Presence

The experience and infrastructure to lease internationally

Comprehensive support infrastructure

A background in equipment trading provides us with warehouse space and our own fleet of trucks to get the job done

IT Equipment Leasing
Technology Hardware Sales
Business Technology Services

We leverage our 50 years of IT experience to serve growth oriented companies that are looking to acquire large amounts of equipment. Our client list includes two year old start-up companies to publicly traded corporations.

General Overview

Data Sales has a full set of tools and services that allow us to offer competitive lease rates, asset managing, tracking, processing of all sales, property tax reporting and much more.

Emerging Growth

We leverage the capabilities of the asset-backed equipment lease and do not underwrite solely on credit rating analysis. The strength of the asset and knowledge of the IT industry growth trends are just as important to every transaction.

Data Sales Co. offers refurbished hardware for sale, lease or rental as a cost-effective and reliable solution. We'll configure a comprehensive hardware package designed to meet the requirements of your business, or provide equipment on an individual asset basis. All equipment is tested in our facilities and backed by our warranty.

Data Sales Co. offers an unparalleled selection of Business Technology Services designed to help you maximize your investment while maintaining a high level of productivity. We provide these services from our strategic locations in Burnsville, MN and Scottsdale, AZ, offering door-to-door transportation through our custom fleet of trucks.

Data sales was there for us at the beginning; providing a large lease line that jump started our growth!
-Ben Uretsky, CEO/Founder - Digital Ocean
Data sales took a bet on us when we were much smaller and that means a lot to us.
-Bruce MacFadyen - Firehost
Data Sales gave us an early financial platform to help us reach our potential.
-Jason Hoffman, CTO and Founder - Joyent
Data Sales provided funding at our infancy stage and has powered us to where we are today.
-Peter Sahlin, CFO - Avalanche Group aka

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