STK Silo De-Installation

Storagetek Silo De-Installation Service

Data Sales specializes in the de-installation and removal of STK Silos, Libraries and Tape Drives. We have our own de-installation team of trained logistics personnel and a fleet of company-owned tractor-trailers to perform these tasks. The de-installation and removal quotation will be based on the equipment configuration you provide.

These services include:

Site Visit/Meeting from an Authorized Data Sales Co. De-install Team Leader (Optional):

  • Scheduled approximately two to four weeks prior to actual de-install date
  • Review location(s); loading docks and interior building facilities, assigned equipment
  • Determine time allotment, review schedule, manpower needed

De-installation/Removal by Data Sales Co. Team of Trained Logistics Personnel:

  • Personnel trained in silo de-installation/removal
  • Weekend or weekday schedule available
  • Company owned semis and drivers for pick-up and delivery of equipment
  • Semis specially equipped to transport computer equipment

Final Inspection after the Silos/Associated Peripherals Removed:

  • Upon completion Data Sales Co. Team Leader and customer will do a final walk-through
  • Inspection of interior building facilities and loading docks for approval

Liability Insurance:

  • Data Sales has $2,000,000 General Liability Insurance, certificate provided prior to project start date