Cleaning, Resurfacing and Painting to Make Technology Look Brand New

Business Technology needs to look as good as it performs. Whether you are purchasing refurbished hardware or looking to have your own equipment updated, Data Sales has a solution for you.

We maintain a staff of experienced refurbishment specialists and full painting facilities at both our Minneapolis and Scottsdale locations. Refurbishment services range from dent repair, cosmetic parts replacements and repainting to match exact manufacturer colors to a complete inside-out overhaul.

Five levels of Refurbishment available:

  • Cleaning: Removing dust and dirt, inside and out clean
  • Resurfacing: Repairing and filling in scratches and dents
  • Painting: Refreshing outer covers with new paint
  • Cosmetic Component Replacement: Replacing broken and missing trim and other non-mechanical items
  • Complete Panel Replacement: Replacing all exterior covers and trim with new components