Partner Program

Partner with Data Sales Co. today to increase market share and generate additional revenue.

Data Sales heritage is based on Partnerships. For over four decades we have worked with vendors, brokers and dealers alike. We understand the value and strength behind mutually beneficial relationships.

Data Sales is a third party leasing company but we are so much more than that, we provide investments in companies through the use of the lease as a tool for early stage and high potential customers.

The leasing option can often be over looked in favor of more traditional means of raising capital. In the technology industry new and emerging companies can have difficulty obtaining financing because of fast growth rates. If your customer is trying to grow their business by acquiring IT assets but does not have the capital readily available to do so, Data Sales can be a viable option.

Our lease offering provides our Partners the ability to:

  • Originate more deals
  • Sell more equipment
  • Close deals faster
  • Offer financing that is non-restrictive or binding
  • Offer something your competitors can not because of the niche market
  • Stay ahead of a fast growing market with a huge appetite for IT Hardware

Do not let capital hungry companies continue to delay their IT hardware purchases, costing you potential business. Contact us today to learn about our business model and how it has garnered over 100 working relationships to date!