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Data Sales Co. is an innovator and industry leader in IT sales and Leasing spanning 40 years with a focus on Technology Leasing for the last 30 years. We customize leasing programs for the emerging growth web hosters to Fortune 500 companies. We're able to offer competitive lease pricing because, unlike many lessors, we deal exclusively in business technology. We understand the equipment and the resale markets. Our Technology Hardware Sales division works with recertified and refurbished equipment - including storage products, print solutions, networking, PC and server hardware, and parts - we can offer the best selection and value on the market. Contact us today at 800.328.2730!

  • “Data Sales was there for us at the beginning; providing a large lease line that jump started our growth!”

    Ben Uretsky
    Digital Ocean | CEO/Founder

  • “Data Sales gave us an early financial platform to help us reach our potential.”

    Jason Hoffman
    Joyent | CTO & Founder

  • “Data Sales provided funding at our infancy stage and has powered us to where we are today.”

    Peter Sahlin
    Avalanche Group aka | CFO

  • “Data Sales took a bet on us when we were much smaller and that means a lot to us.”

    Bruce MacFadyen
    Firehost | COO

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